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How to Automate Parameters in Ableton Live with Max for Live LFO

Quick Compression Tutorial

Do this on EVERY track!

I wish someone told me this when I first started producing, no matter what genre you do this is an absolute must and will give all your mixes a solid foundation.

Quit Using MP3's!

If you're gonna pay money to make your music better or you plan on releasing your music digitally then you need to ensure that you have the highest quality. You can do this very easily, and cost-free, by simply not using digitally compressed formats such as MP3, M4A, and the like.

Parallel EQ

Sometimes EQ adjustments just don't cut it, here's an alternative to getting more high end (or low, or mid, whichever you choose) without using blanket EQ settings.

How to Side-Chain without a Compressor

This is a great alternative to traditional side-chaining techniques. It's also easier to implement and often gives you more control over the amplitude envelope.

Mixing vs. Mastering

This isn't a technical video but rather explains the value of mixing vs. mastering in financial terms.

How to Set Up Reference Tracks

Employing reference tracks in your mixing and mastering process is a great way to have a goal to work towards, compare your track with other professional tracks, and to keep your ears/mind fresh. Here is my workflow that I use in Logic Pro X when I mix and master using reference tracks.

How to Setup the Atmegatron for Live Performance and Sequencing