Get your music “radio ready” with my mixing and mastering services now available online. Are you tired of your tracks sounding weak, flat, harsh, or just boring? Let me mix & master your music to sonic perfection.


In the mixing phase my main goal is achieving clarity by making all the elements work cohesively together: dynamic levels are balanced out, EQ elements are sculpted, instruments are given a place to "sit in the mix", and any sonic corrections are made.


Bulk rates & discounts available for large projects, please call/e-mail me to discuss your particular needs. Online/remote mixing services are available as well.
Because I have years of professional production experience I am able to offer mixing services that range from extremely straight forward and sterile to artistically creative remixing.
...years of professional production experience...
Jesse Green

For example, let's say you've got your tracks sounding just the way you want them and don't want to change the end result. In this case I would only apply the necessary processes to make the mix sound balanced and adhere to industry standards.

Sometimes you might have your tracks that represent a general idea of what you want to present but would like some creative audio manipulation. I’ve got hundreds of editing tools and years of experience to explore all the nooks and crannies of your music.