Most people think of the mastering phase as simply making the whole track louder but it's much more than that, in fact making it louder is usually one of the last processes in my mastering chain!
In the end your track will be commercially competitive...
Jesse G.

The best way to think of mastering is to imagine a digital track as a box (a present!); we want to fill this box as much as possible with all the golden aspects of your music without any gaps or overflow. Amateur masters will have stuff spilling out, empty spaces in the box, or have filled the box with worthless junk in some areas. Your music and your fans deserve the best!

In the end your track will be commercially competitive, I usually have a A/B session with my clients when I deliver the masters: the master will be played at the same output level as another reference track—by an artist with a similar style as the client’s—to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Mixed and Mastered Tracks vs. Unmixed Tracks

Because I have years of production experience I am able to offer mastering services that range from extremely straight forward and sterile to artistically creative remixing. Online and remote mixing & mastering services are available as well. Please review the short checklist here to get started.

Although I have a ton of mixing/mastering gear but remember it’s not just what I have that's important as much as how I know how to use it.


$160/track for 5.1 surround mixing [currently not available]

Bulk discount rates available, please call or e-mail to discuss your needs.