Chopping up music like sushi!

Are you looking for a DJ in southern California? I'm available for DJ'ing your event, club, or bar! I specialize in EDM types of music: house, electro, Top 40 remixes, pop/rock, and dubstep and I can tailor my sets to be age-appropriate. I also carry professional insurance which is useful for corporate events, weddings, and other venues which require it.

My rates are as follows:

$150-first 2 hours (minimum).
$60-each hour thereafter.
$60-PA rental (if needed, includes 2 x 18" subwoofers; 2 x 15"/1.5" house speakers; this system bumps! especially made for dance club type of stuff)
Tara M.
9d ago

Jesse was the DJ for our 1st ever school daddy daughter dance. He was excellent!! Constantly had people out dancing. We will definitely recommend him to others!

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