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Welcome to Beethovenboy Productions! I specialize in many areas of the music production process including:

recording | mixing | mastering | production | orchestration | education | lessons

Please click on the links above to see what I can offer you! I am the Music Director at Ajo High School in Arizona (as of August 2017) where I teach music & audio production along with concert bands (and hopefully other ensembles in the near future). [Recently I was recording and producing music out of Castle Row Studios located just minutes from downtown Oklahoma City. If you’re a client looking for a top-notch facility in the OKC area please check them out, they have extremely competitive rates as well.]

Looking for guitar or piano lessons? Click here.

Quotes from Clients:

“Jesse is the real deal. He goes above and beyond your expectations with his work. Not only is he great technically at what he does, but he is a true artist that cultivates and supports your vision creatively. I worked with Jesse on my film, The Siren, and the orchestral arrangements that he brewed up took my breath away. He not only was there from the beginning to end, but audiences praised his work and the life and spirit that he induced into the piece with his beautiful talent. His setup is professional and top notch, but Jesse is also very easy to work with, and you immediately feel at home with him. I highly recommend Jesse for all projects big and small! I look forward to the next project we work on together!”—
Roxy S., Film Producer

“I've worked with Jesse Green at Beethovenboy over the past few years and he is absolutely one of the best multi-instrumentalist I have ever worked with. Jesse’s unique and intricate understanding of all stylings of music can only benefit and prosper any production. I'm not trying to toot my own horn but, beep beep!! I've worked with acts ranging from the ones you've never heard of up to the artists you are hearing and seeing daily on the radio, television, gaming industry, and film and I can only say that Beethovenboy Productions is a class act. And when I get off my hiatus we will definitely be collaborating on many more projects and I daily look forward to it.”—
Nate I., Music Producer

“Jesse has a great set-up designed for you to get the best results for your tracks and to feel totally comfortable with the end result. He takes the time to take your input and changes quickly and easily. He is an amazing musician, very knowledgable and a pleasure to work with as well. I would recommend his studio to anyone looking for amazing quality, ease and very reasonable rates. Thanks Beethovenboy! :)”—
Claudia C., Videographer

“Jesse is the truth! He's a man of his word and treats his clients with the upmost respect. A great facility to book your session. Call him TODAY! Don't wait!”—
Tony H., Producer

“Jesse is one of the most gifted musicians I have ever met and has an ear for music that is on the cutting edge of the industry today. We have personally worked with Beethoven Productions on several projects and we have never been disappointed. I highly recommend this studio for a wide variety of services!!!”—
Lisa B., Worship Leader

“Jesse is a very knowledgeable and competent producer and audio engineer. He is a pleasure to work with and very open to trying new ideas. I would recommend Beethovenboy Productions to anyone looking for top quality mixing/mastering in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.”—
Hervé D., Producer

“I’ve known Jesse for many years. He is a talented musician with good musicality and his compositions cover various music genres from acoustic music to electronic music; from chamber music to video game music/ multimedia projects. He is always keeping up with new technology from the conventional recording console setting to the latest mobile technology. In our old school days Jesse was often the one who helped classmates to solve out different technical problems- from the recording system, various music applications, and different models in Apple system devices to music programming. I strongly recommended Beethovenboy studios and Jesse is an excellent and responsible recording engineer with a lot of knowledge in the music field.”—
Chialin K., Composer

“This man is worth your time and dollar. Not only does he know his stuff but you may get a little educated just being around him. Very professional and a pleasure to work with.”—
El Diaz, Hip-hop artist

“The label Beethovenboy Productions out of Riverside, CA is superior quality and I find the rates affordable. I am an independent singer/songwriter and Jesse the engineer is very knowledgeable and crafty with his recording technique blending superior technique with a creative ear.”—
Matthew L., Singer-songwriter

“This guy is a genius! he's worth working with!”—
Jody, Hip-hop artist

“This place is dope! Hooks you up on hip hop vocals!”—
Deondre M., Hip-hop artist