Orchestration & Engraving

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With over 15 years of experience and a master's degree in music composition I notate music from solo instrumental pieces to large 120-piece orchestras with incredible attention to detail. All prepared scores and parts are industry standard. "Lead sheet" options—melody with chord symbols—are also available.

Transcription & Copy

Music can be translated from a recorded format and written down in a process called transcription. This is often helpful in rehearsal scenarios where musicians can read the music rather than spend time figuring it out by ear.

Copying is typically transferring handwritten work to ready-to-publish scores. This process also helps in extrapolating multiple parts out of large scores. Creation of 'lead sheets' is also available; all project sizes are given the same attention to detail; scores and parts are given in a ready-to-publish format that are as easy to read as possible.

Because of the wide range of complexities please contact me to discuss your needs to get an appropriate quote.


Minimum $1,500 for standard sized orchestra. Complexity and duration of piece determines final price. Includes 1 conductor score, 1 auditor's score, and 1 copy of each part. Please call or e-mail me for an accurate quote.

Lead/Pop Sheets

Minimum $250. For contemporary settings such as small rock, jazz, or pop ensembles. Great for singer/songwriters as well. Includes a "Real Book" style lead sheet comprising of melodic line and chordal accompaniment.