Music is Life

Best Dance Floor Routine of All Time!

It’s not often that a gymnast comes into my studio asking for a specialized mix for her routine but when Sophina DeJesus from UCLA walked in I obliged. Little did I know how big her routine would get! I’ve even read that her routine might be the greatest of all time, crazy! Check it out.

and the original performance here:

I love seeing my clients putting their talents to work. Great job, Sophina!

I hate hip-hop

Actually I love hip-hop. Here’s what I hate about it though: I frequently get hip-hop artists in my studio who want to record or master some tracks. They show me their demos where they’re talking about spending and making money and they’ve got a girl in their video who’s splashing money around like it’s raining from the sky.

Then they ask me how much does my services costs and that’s when the record stops.

I get the CraigsList treatment, “How low will you go?” Really? Do you do that when you shop at WalMart? I don’t mind looking for a deal or trying to save money, in fact I offer discounts for sizable projects, but how you gonna rap about a lifestyle that you obviously don’t live? FOH.