How much?

Studio & Recording


$40/hour for vocals
$80/hr for bands/ensembles


$400 per song (of standard size and complexity)


$80 per track

Ready to get started with mastering? Please review the short checklist here to get started.

Are you doing a full-length album? Bulk rates & discounts available for large projects, please call/e-mail me to discuss your particular needs.

Private lessons

All lessons given are $40 per hour

  • Production
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Piano
  • Guitar (non-classical)
  • Theory

Discounts available for multiple-siblings/family members and referrals.


Minimum $1,500 for standard sized orchestra. Complexity and duration of piece determines final price. Includes 1 conductor score, 1 auditor's score, and 1 copy of each part. Please call or e-mail me for an accurate quote.

Lead/Pop Sheets

Minimum $250. For contemporary settings such as small rock, jazz, or pop ensembles. Great for singer/songwriters as well. Includes a "Real Book" style lead sheet comprising of melodic line and chordal accompaniment.

All scores and parts are professionally prepared and ready for publication.