Music is Life

Can't I teach myself for free?

Proper training prevents frustration, ensures quality, and helps achieve results faster.

Truth be told there is no such thing as a teacher, it’s only a title. Until the day comes where we can physically implant information into someone's brain we can never teach but we can show you things. I remember my 11th grade of high school I had just moved from Los Angeles to a small suburb that summer. I didn’t know how to play music by ear so I turned on my radio and tried to play my guitar along with it. I did this every day for almost 6 months until it finally clicked and I was able to “play by ear.” I taught myself.

And I continued teaching myself things throughout the years but at some point I realized that there were things I needed someone to explain to me—things I just could not teach myself—so I went to university and dove deeper. I also realized that I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration from seeking out a teacher in the first place.

It is this very reason that I am opening my studio, I will help you find the right path to reaching your musical goals.
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