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Anything for Selenas

Being yourself always pays off.

Out of all the talent that’s come out of the Disney machine I think Selena Gomez is my favorite. I know, I know, for those who know me this may seem weird but hear me out.

Her voice isn’t spectacular nor does it have a signature sound but it’s not bad at all. Her melodic and musical style is simple and straightforward, really nothing to write home about there. But that’s why I like her, I don’t get the feeling that she’s trying to prove herself to be a superstar singer. There’s a genuineness, an authenticity to her style that flows from her simplicity. I’m sick of hearing all these singers that sound like they’ve been ran through the American Idol machine press, all their vocals are belted out at the top of their range with full volume and intensity. Hello, there are notes in the middle of your range, and your lower range too! Even Phillip Bailey explores the lowers regions of his silky falsetto here and there. And you don’t have to sing at full volume and energy all the time. I call it power singing and although it’s impressive, like anything else, too much of it gets stale.

I feel that she isn’t afraid to just be herself artistically. But... then there’s the Justin Bieber thing. This is a curveball to me. It seems contrived and staged, works great for publicity and album sales. Then again, maybe she really doesn’t care what people think. Who knows.
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